USCIS Announces Latest Field Leadership Appointments

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Contact: Dan Kane

January 29, 2004

Press Release

USCIS Announces Latest Field Leadership Appointments

Washington, D.C.–Eduardo Aguirre, Director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), announced today additional appointments to his field leadership team.

“This latest round of appointments further complements the top-notch team we have assembled. These are highly qualified, dedicated professionals who will be critical to reducing the backlog, improving customer service and ensuring the integrity of America’s legal immigration system,” said Director Aguirre.

On a typical day, nationally, USCIS will: process 140,000 national security background checks; receive 100,000 web hits; take 50,000 calls at four National Customer Service Centers; adjudicate 30,000 applications for an immigration benefit; see 25,000 visitors at 92 district offices; issue 20,000 green cards; capture 8,000 sets of finger prints at 130 Application Support Centers; welcome 3,000 newly naturalized citizens; greet 100 refugees; and help American parents adopt 100 foreign children.

USCIS is responsible for processing family-based petitions; employment-based petitions; asylum and refugee processing; naturalizations; special status programs; and document issuance and renewal.
Director Aguirre’s appointments are as follows:

District Director - Anchorage - Bernadette Nocerino-Doody
District Director - Baltimore - Richard Caterisano
District Director - Boston - Denis Riordan
District Director - Chicago - Michael Comfort
District Director - Dallas - Angela "Kristi" Barrows
District Director - Denver - Mario Ortiz
District Director - Harlingen - Alfonso DeLeon
District Director - Helena - Alan Puckett
District Director - Honolulu - David Gulick
District Director - Houston - Hipolito Acosta
District Director - Kansas City - Michael Jaromin
District Director - New Orleans - M. Stella Jarina
District Director - Philadelphia - Donald Monica
District Director - New York - Mary Ann Gantner
District Director - Portland, Maine - Rodolfo Lara
District Director - Portland, Oregon - William McNamee
District Director - San Antonio - Kenneth Pasquarell
District Director - San Diego - Debra Rogers
District Director - San Juan - Maria del Mar Aran
District Director - St. Paul - Denise Frazier
District Director - Washington - Phyllis Howard

Asylum Director, Arlington - Marla Richter-Belvedere
Asylum Director, Chicago - Robert Esbrook
Asylum Director, Houston - Marie Hummert
Asylum Director, Miami - Erich Cauller
Asylum Director, Newark - Susan Raufer
Asylum Director, New York - Patricia Jackson
Asylum Director, San Francisco - Emilia Bardini

Officer-in-Charge - Agana - Robert Johnson
Officer-in-Charge - Albuquerque - Betty Garcia
Officer-in-Charge - Boise - Robert Mather
Officer-in-Charge - Cincinnati - Helaine Tasch
Officer-in-Charge - Charlotte Amalia - Jerome Kettles
Officer-in-Charge - Columbus - Cheryl Gallegos
Officer-in-Charge - Des Moines - Conrad Zaragoza
Officer-in-Charge - Fort Smith - Carol Bellew
Officer-in-Charge - Hartford - Ethan Enzer
Officer-in-Charge - Indianapolis - Donald Ferguson
Officer-in-Charge - Jacksonville - Louise Germain
Officer-in-Charge - Milwaukee - Kay Leopold
Officer-in-Charge - Norfolk - Mary Ann Russell
Officer-in-Charge - Oklahoma City - Barry Royce
Officer-in-Charge - Pittsburgh - Debra Zamberry
Officer-in-Charge - Reno - Gerardo Garcia
Officer-in-Charge - Salt Lake City - Allan Speirs
Officer-in-Charge - Spokane - Diana Wolder
Officer-in-Charge - Tampa - Kathy Redman
Officer-in-Charge - West Palm Beach - John Damone

Acting Regional Director - Central Region - David Roark


On March 1, 2003, U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services became one of three legacy INS components to join the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.  USCIS is charged with fundamentally transforming and improving the delivery of immigration and citizenship services, while enhancing the integrity of our nation's security.

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