When Is Work Incidental: Entering the United States as a Visitor

When Is Work Incidental: Entering the United States as a Visitor

Event Date: 02/10/2023
Recording Available 7-14 Days After Event Date
Format Length CLE Eligible
Video Roundtable 60 min. No

With the advent of remote work and new media, the line between purely visiting the United States and working in it has been significantly blurred. With antiquated regulations that predate the dot-com boom and a lack of guidance from DHS, practitioners are often at a loss on how to advise clients which activities are permissible in the United States as a visitor.

This roundtable will be a deeper conversation based on a recent liaison meeting with CBP's Office of Field Operations. It will also review the current regulatory standards and unpack the limited guidance provided by CBP and the Courts in order to create a useful framework to navigate this everchanging area of immigration law.

This roundtable is hosted by AILA's CBP Liaison Committee.

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Kerri-Ann Griggs, CBP Liaison Committee, Atlanta, GA

Jonathan Grode, CBP Liaison Committee, Philadelphia, PA

Jacob Ratzan, CBP Liaison Committee, Miami, FL

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