Family Section Call (November 2023)

Family Section Call (November 2023)

Event Date: 11/13/2023
Format Length CLE Eligible
Zoom Webinar TBD No

Common Tax Return Issues in Family-Based Cases

The way some clients handle income tax matters can affect their immigration goals. Most of us are reluctant to give tax advice, yet some questions are so closely related to their immigration case that an answer is necessary. Join the AILA Family Section Quarterly Call for a short presentation covering the most common tax return questions we face, followed by an opportunity to contribute your own suggestions and questions.

  • Filing tax returns without work authorization.
  • What is the correct filing category and when you should a return be amended?
  • Filing and amending returns for overseas US Citizens returning with immigrating spouse.
  • Other tax issues for new Permanent Residents and employment-authorized individuals.

Joining the Family Section is easy and there is no application needed. Simply go to My AILA and click on "Update Sections" under the My Membership questions.

All registrants will receive a free audio recording following the live call.

Kathleen Elizabeth Irish (DL), AILA Family Section Steering Committee, Kansas City, MO

Stanley P. Walker, AILA Family Section Steering Committee, Fort Walton Beach, FL

Michael V. Kern, Libertyville, IL

Roland A. Sabates, Managing Member, Expat Legal Services Group, Kansas City, MO

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