2022 AILA PERM Conference and Webcast

2022 AILA PERM Conference and Webcast

2022 AILA PERM Conference and Webcast - Recording (CLE Included)
Event Date: 10/21/2022
Format Length CLE Eligible
Conference 1 Day Yes

Though PERM practice may initially appear exacting in nature, experience has shown that there are a variety of techniques that can be employed to benefit your clients. At this one-day conference, held at the Broadmoor Resort in Colorado Springs, our panelists will share their expertise and insights from years of PERM practice. They will discuss the current state of affairs, suggest best practices, and offer guidance which will allow you to master the PERM process. At the conclusion of the conference, a networking happy hour will be held in conjunction with the H-1B Conference. Look for a more detailed program here in August 2022.

View the PERM Conference program.

All registrants receive:

  • Digital Handbook
  • Conference Recordings

The times listed in the program will be Colorado Springs local time U.S. Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

  Early Bird

(Through 9/21/22)
Deadline Rate

(After 9/21/22)
Members (In-Person)
AILA Members $485 $585
AILA Members' Paralegal* $485 $585
AILA Law Student Members $285 $385
AILA Nonprofit Members $335 $435
Nonmembers (In-Person)
Nonmember Attorneys $685 $785
Nonmember Law Students $385 $485
Government $505 $605
Nonprofit Attorneys $505 $605
Members (Webcast)
AILA Members $355 $405
AILA Members' Paralegal* $355 $405
AILA Law Student Members $180 $230
AILA Nonprofit Members $205 $255
Nonmembers (Webcast)
Nonmember Attorneys $555 $605
Nonmember Law Students $280 $330
Government $405 $455
Nonprofit Attorneys $405 $455

Because of safety protocols, limited seating availability, and the requirement for registrants (in-person only) to sign the “COVID-19 SAFETY ACKNOWLEDGEMENT – Liability Waiver and Release of Claims form, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of the Early Bird Registration and register by September 21, 2022. You can register for this event quickly and securely online by adding this item to your cart before the deadline and paying by credit card.

Once you register online, the registration system will auto-generate a receipt to your paid registration. THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOUR REGISTRATION IS COMPLETE. Once we receive your registration, you will receive by e-mail a “COVID-19 Safety Acknowledgement – and Liability Waiver and Release of Claims”. Please sign electronically by opting in or opting out and returning to AILA within 48 (forty-eight) business hours of receiving the form to complete the registration.

COVID-19 Health and Safety Information and Protocols

AILA no longer requires proof of vaccination status to attend the AILA in-person conferences, meetings, or events. Mask-wearing is optional, at the discretion of each attendee. Please act responsibly and with consideration for the health and safety of others. For more information, please read the full protocols at: https://www.aila.org/conferences/in-person.

By registering for and attending the conference, you voluntarily agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • To assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19.
  • To accept primary responsibility for taking steps to protect yourself from contracting COVID-19.
  • To follow all federal/state/local public health and government guidelines on COVID-19 health and safety in effect at the time of the conference, as directed by AILA.
  • To fully comply with any health, safety, and other policies instituted by AILA and the venue while attending the conference, including any modifications and/or enhancements of health and safety protocols.
  • To provide proof of up to date vaccination against COVID-19 upon arrival at the conference, including proof of a booster vaccination within the time frame recommended by the US Centers For Disease Control & Prevention (for persons 18 years of age and older, currently at least 5 months after receiving the 2nd Pfizer vaccine, 5 months after receiving the 2nd Moderna vaccine, or 2 months after receiving the J&J vaccination). You should complete all vaccinations prior to arriving at the conference. Additional booster vaccinations may be required, and/or the time frame for vaccinations changed, with notice from AILA upon issuance of any updated recommendations by the CDC.
  • If the conference is held in a city with a “low” or “medium” COVID-19 community level as determined by the CDC, masks will be optional, except for (i) persons immunocompromised; (ii) persons at high risk of severe diseases; and (iii) persons having close contact with someone with COVID-19 within 10 days of the conference, as set forth below.
  • If masks are required, to properly wear a mask that covers both your mouth and nose at all times as directed by AILA, including but not limited to in the conference spaces except while actively eating or drinking. N95, KN95, and disposable surgical masks are preferred.
  • Prior to the conference, if you test positive for COVID-19 or are experiencing symptoms, to quarantine in your home and wear a mask around others for at least 5 days; and to not travel for 10 days from the date the symptoms started or the positive test was taken. A subsequent negative test is required before attending the conference.
  • Prior to the conference, if you were in close contact with someone with COVID-19, to get tested 5-7 days after your last exposure, and prior to the conference. If your test is negative, you may attend the conference, but must wear a mask until 10 days after your last exposure.
  • If required by AILA, to submit to a daily health check at the conference. This may include a COVID test.
  • To pay for all costs and expenses if you contract COVID-19 or test positive for COVID-19 prior to or while at the conference, including but not limited to costs related to a mandatory or voluntary quarantine (hotel, food and beverage), medical care, transportation to and from a medical facility or hospital, and changes in travel plans.
  • Hotel and conference services may be modified or curtailed at any time if necessary or appropriate to meet COVID-19 health and safety practices.
  • These COVID-19 Health & Safety Protocols are subject to change without prior notice, in AILA’s sole discretion. If you do not abide by these Protocols, including the terms and conditions of attendance in effect at the time of the conference (as determined in AILA’s sole discretion), you will not be permitted to enter the conference and participate in person, or (if the conference has started) you will be refused further admission; and your registration will be transferred to the webcast option (if available).
  • AILA reserves the right to cancel your conference registration (including speakers and exhibitors) at any time and for any reason, and provide you with the applicable refund, in its sole discretion. If cancellation is for your failure to abide by the terms and conditions of attendance, you will receive no refund.
  • Under no circumstances shall AILA, its officers, directors, employees, and contractors be liable to you (or anyone claiming through you) for any injury, damages, claims, liabilities, costs, expenses, or other loss of any kind (including death), arising in any manner from COVID-19 or otherwise arising from your travel to/from, attendance at, or participation in, the conference.
  • AILA has no responsibility for any injury, damages, claims, liabilities, costs, expenses, or other loss of any kind (including death) arising in any manner from an event organized by an AILA chapter, affiliate, or other person or entity occurring prior to, during, or after the conference. You assume all risks from attendance at such events.
  • You agree that this Liability Waiver & Release of Claims does not supersede or limit any applicable law limiting or barring the liability of AILA, its officers, directors, employees, and/or contractors from any claims related to COVID-19.

All participants must be up to date with vaccinations against COVID-19 before attending the conference, and may be asked to show proof of up to date vaccination upon arrival. Anyone providing false information about their vaccination status may be barred from future conferences. “Up to date” means that you received your primary vaccination(s) and a booster dose, unless CDC guidelines indicate that an insufficient period of time has passed since your initial vaccination so that you are ineligible for a booster at the time of the conference. Should the CDC later recommend additional boosters, you must receive those boosters if required by AILA.

Webcast Option
The webcast option for participation in the conference will be available to those choosing not to attend in person, and those who cannot abide by the Assumption of Risk & Agreement terms above. Those participating by webcast are responsible for providing their own computer and other equipment used to access the conference and to pay for connectivity. Webcast participants also assume the risk of computer and Internet malfunctions and connection problems.

Tuition Assistance
Full and partial tuition assistance will be offered for AILA National Conferences and Seminars based on need and availability. Please complete the tuition assistance application for consideration.

All paralegals must first create a paralegal account on AILA.org and complete the AILA member paralegal verification process in order to register for AILA products and services. Non-member paralegals are not eligible to register. Paralegals cannot register for AILA conferences until the verification process is complete.

AILA’s Meeting Code of Conduct:
AILA is committed to providing a professional and productive learning environment for all participants and staff. As a result, all participants are expected to follow all stated meeting and event instructions and guidelines in order to maintain an atmosphere of professionalism, mutual respect, and collegiality. AILA members in particular are expected to adhere to the principles set forth in AILA’s civility code. The guidelines herein apply to all AILA in-person, virtual, webcast and online programming including but not limited to AILA conferences, seminars, online courses, and roundtables. All participants must comply with the following guidelines to participate in the meetings and events:

  • All participants are expected to maintain a professional and civil discourse throughout AILA’s in-person/virtual meeting and event space. Participants are prohibited from using any defamatory, abusive, profane, discriminatory, harassing, threatening, and/or offensive language during the sessions or events including but not limited to Q&A, chat rooms or any activity that takes place in the virtual space.
  • All participants must comply with the instructions of the moderators and/or any event staff.
  • Disruption of sessions, events or any activity that takes place in-person or in virtual space is prohibited.
  • Presentations, postings, and messages should not contain promotional materials, special offers, job offers, product announcements, or solicitation for services unless preapproved by AILA. AILA reserves the right to remove any such communications that have not been preapproved.
  • Participants may not record, transmit, copy, or take screen shots of any sessions or events including but not limited to Q&A, chat rooms or any activity that takes place in the event space without prior approval from AILA. Participants who do not comply or are in violation of any of AILA’s meeting guidelines may be denied further access and participation at the discretion of event organizers. AILA is not responsible for reimbursement or refund if you are denied access or participation due to violation of AILA’s Virtual Code of Conduct.

Participants can contact conferences@aila.org with any questions or concerns related to AILA’s Meeting Code of Conduct.

Registration Approval
All registrations and reservations are subject to approval. Registrations and reservations received without payment will be returned. Registrations are NOT transferable and cannot be split among conference attendees. Cancellations must be received by the cancellation deadline date in writing to be eligible for the full refund (less $50 processing fee). Exceptions to the cancellation deadline will be made for emergencies and valid medical issues submitted with supporting documentation. Any and all liability of AILA with respect to registration, reservations, cancellations, changes in the location or content of the program, and refunds is limited to a sum no greater than the registration fee paid. Under no circumstances shall AILA be liable for incidental or consequential damages of any kind, including, but not limited to, the cost of transportation or lodging. Submission of registration and payment constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions herein.

Non-member Registration
Attention Non-members:  Attendance at in-person, virtual, webcast and online programming including but not limited to AILA conferences, seminars, online courses, and roundtables is solely restricted to AILA members and their employees, government employees, and nonmember attorneys. Non-attorney attendance is limited to the employees of AILA members in good standing, to HR professionals who have an AILA member reference, employees of accredited educational institutions providing support to international student and scholar services at their employing institutions, and accredited representatives under 8 CFR §292.2. AILA will reject conference registrations from persons who provide representation without authorization in violation of 8 CFR §292.1, such as for-profit "immigration consultants" and "notarios."

Registration Details
I understand that AILA will collect and store the data provided by the conference registrant to be included on the conference attendee list, and to provide me with information on AILA products and services. I may limit dissemination of information by AILA by updating communication preferences in my personal record at http://www.aila.org/myaila. I understand that AILA is based in the United States and that the European Commission does not consider United States laws to provide an adequate level of data protection. If I am a resident of a country of the European Union, I understand that my consent is the lawful basis for transfer of my personal data to the United States and that I can withdraw my consent at any time. I also understand that the transfer of my personal data to the United States in the absence of adequate protection and without safeguards deemed appropriate by the European Commission may pose certain risks, including that United States law may not provide for data processing principles, data subject rights, or enforcement of those rights analogous to those in the European Union. For a full description of AILA’s data collection and privacy policy, visit http://www.aila.org/privacy-policy.

Attendance Reporting on webCLE
You must sign in and timely submit attendance using webCLE in order to receive CLE credits. The total number of credits available for AILA events is determined by state bodies and may vary by jurisdiction.

Use of Photographic Images
Registration and attendance at the AILA conferences and events constitute an agreement by the registrant to the use and distribution of the registrant's image, voice, and/or electronic communication in photographs, video recordings, electronic reproductions and video/audio recordings of such events by AILA. Your registration may include technology that monitors your activities throughout the meeting, such as session attendance and booths visited.

ADA Request
AILA will provide ADA assistance if requested. Please e-mail conferences@aila.org with your special needs at the time of conference registration. Assistance may not be available if an adequate notice period is not provided.

Live Conference CLE Credit

AILA will file for CLE credits in appropriate jurisdictions. Eligible participants can receive up to 8.4 total credits in 50-minute jurisdictions and up to 7 total credits in 60-minute jurisdictions. To receive CLE credit, attorneys must record sessions attended and CLE codes provided at each session via webCLE. Live attendance must be recorded by Sunday, October 29, 2022. This deadline does not apply to the download format.

Please Note: CLE credits not reported on webCLE by the published deadline will be subject to an administrative late fee to cover incurred costs.

On-Demand Conference CLE Credit

AILA will administer CLE credit to individuals who download this recording through Agora only; the invoice is used as a form of CLE verification.

AILA has filed for MCLE and specialized credit in appropriate jurisdictions. To receive CLE credit, attorneys must record session attendance and the CLE codes provided via webCLE. Eligible participants can receive up to 7 total credits in 50-minute jurisdictions and up to 8.4 total credits in 60-minute jurisdictions.

Please note that your jurisdiction may limit the number of OnDemand credits that may be applied in a compliance period and may also limit OnDemand credits based on the date of the original presentation. Please be aware of your state's expiration dates for OnDemand credits, please view the OnDemand Expiration Chart for more details or confirm with your state's bar association.

Not eligible for CLE credit in the following states: MO and PR

The Conference will take place at the:

The Broadmoor
1 Lake Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80906

AILA Room Rate:
$339 Classic
$359 Superior
$379 Premium

Above group rates are for single/double occupancy, plus applicable taxes and resort fee of $32 per day. Please cancel 7 days prior to the arrival date to avoid paying one night’s room rate.

Make a Reservation

By phone: 1-855-634-7711 (Group Code: AILA20)
Online: https://book.passkey.com/go/AILA2022

Hotel Cut-off Date: September 19, 2022 September 23, 2022

Hotel reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis. Rooms at the AILA rate will sell out before the deadline, so we advise you to make your reservation as early as possible. AILA will not be able to get additional rooms at the AILA rate after the AILA block of rooms fills up.

The specially discounted AILA group rate has been contracted for room nights reserved from October 20, 2022 through October 22, 2022 only. The AILA group rate is not guaranteed for any other dates and will be based on availability.

Lodging Options Near Broadmoor

Please view this list for the lodging options near the Conference hotel.

Cancellations received by September 21, 2022, entitle registrants to a full refund (less $50 processing fee). Cancellation requests will not be accepted after September 21, 2022, but the conference materials will be made available to all registrants in their AILA Digital Libraries. Exceptions to the cancellation deadline will be made for emergencies and valid medical issues submitted with supporting documentation. All cancellations must be submitted by email to conferences@aila.org.