Executive Committee

The National Officers are elected by the Membership at the AILA Annual Meeting in June and serve for a term of one year. The National Officers, together with AILA's Executive Director, comprise the Executive Committee. They are responsible for guiding the ongoing activities of the association between meetings of the Board of Governors.

2016-17 Executive Committee

  • William A. Stock, Philadelphia, PA, President
  • Annaluisa Padilla, La Habra, CA, President-Elect
  • Anastasia Tonello, New York, NY, First Vice President
  • Marketa Lindt, Chicago, IL, Second Vice President
  • Jennifer Minear, Richmond, VA, Treasurer
  • Allen Orr, Washington, DC, Secretary
  • Benjamin Johnson, Washington, DC, Executive Director, ex officio

Advisors to the 2016-17 Executive Committee

  • Victor D. Nieblas Pradis, City of Industry, CA, Immediate Past President