Week of Action: #AILAStandsWithDreamers

For months, AILA members and their chapters have been fighting alongside clients, colleagues, and the American public to ensure that Congress protects Dreamers, who are American in every way except immigration status. The "AILA Stands with Dreamers" campaign seeks to maintain this pressure on Congress to support the bipartisan, bicameral Dream Act (Senate version, S. 1615/House version, H.R. 3440) and reject the White House's harmful immigration principles.

Over the next several weeks, and culminating during the week of November 13, 2017, AILA members across the country will tell Congress loudly and clearly that it's time to pass a clean Dream Act! Activities include in-district visits and calls to key congressional offices, press and media work by AILA chapters, and of course, a Tweetstorm!

Calendar of Events

November 14, 2017 Lobby key members of Congress by visiting in-district offices
  • AILA National will schedule visits with key congressional offices
Don't see your member of Congress in our target list?
  • Schedule your own meeting
Can't join your congressional meeting? Join the virtual one! The #AILAStandsWithDreamers Tweetstorm will happen on Twitter from 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm (ET)
November 15, 2017 Call your U.S. senators and representatives
November 16, 2017 Pledge to write an opinion piece for your local newspaper
Ongoing Campaigns The Dream Act: Three Easy Ways to Advocate Without Leaving Your Desk

AILA Stands with Dreamers Registration

Register to join AILA's fight to protect Dreamers the week of November 13, 2017.

Note: Deadline to register for congressional visits has been extended through November 8, 2017

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