Immigration Principle Statements of Various House Caucuses

Congressional Black Caucus (CBC)

The members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) recognize the need for a comprehensive approach to immigration reform that includes increased security, protection against illegal immigration, immigration policies that have articulated objectives and fair administration of our immigration system.

Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC)

The members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) recognize that our immigration system is broken and in serious need of a comprehensive overhaul. The United States has an estimated 10 million or more undocumented immigrants and a majority of them are Hispanic. Many of these immigrants risked their lives crossing the dangerous border regions, in search of the American Dream. The horrific September 11th attacks magnified the chaos of our immigration system, and our nation's response to the tragedy has, at times, placed immigrants in the path of misguided policies that have harmed our community. Arrests and detentions of immigrants, workplace and neighborhood raids, and civil and human rights violations have all increased as a result of the nation's efforts to secure our homeland from the threat of terrorism.

Despite these hardships, immigrants continue to contribute their cultural richness, entrepreneurship, ingenuity, hard work and taxes to the United States. In response to our nation's security needs and in defense of our own communities, the CHC is committed to working with Congress and the Administration to enact Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR).

Such reform should include a path to permanency for the undocumented already here, a reduction in the long queues of the family immigration system to promote family unity and a temporary worker program that creates new channels for future workers to enter safely and legally.

Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC)

Visit the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) website to view their official position on immigration reform, including their stance on labor, earned citizenship, family reunification, due process, refugees/asylees, border security and law enforcement, employers, trade, administration, and Native Americans.

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