Sign-On Letter Calling on KCRA-TV to Remove “Gana La Verde” from the Air

August 11, 2004

Lenard Liberman
Vice President and General Manager
1813 North Victory Place
Burbank, California 91504-3424

Miguel Banojian
Operations Manager
1813 North Victory Place
Burbank, California 91504-3424

Lucy Anguiano
Program Director
1813 North Victory Place
Burbank, California 91504-3424

Dear Messrs. Liberman and Banojian and Ms. Anguiano:

The undersigned organizations write to strongly object to the show "Gana la Verde." This show takes advantage of people's fears, offers them false promises, functions as a magnet to encourage people to enter this country without documentation, and makes them potential targets of our government's misguided immigration polices. We demand that you immediately take "Gana la Verde" off the air.

This program seeks to capitalize on the desperation of human beings whose hopes and aspirations are stymied by a dysfunctional immigration system. Contrary to the claims of production manager Adrian Vallarino, the program does not give anything back to the community: It exploits the community. Although the program does not (and cannot) guarantee "la verde," it does suggest that contestants could obtain a green card if they participate. It certainly does not make clear that such an option may be unavailable to them or that they could be picked up by the government as a result of their appearing on this show.

We are happy to suggest initiatives that KRCA-TV can undertake if the station's goal for this program is not to make a swift profit, but to help immigrant communities, including supporting agencies that provide pro bono representation, and reporting accurately on the needs immigrants daily face in Los Angeles.

Each day "Gana la Verde" is on the air demonstrates your contempt for immigrants. A representative of our organizations will be contacting you shortly.


AILA Southern California Chapter
California La Raza Lawyers Association
Central American Resource Center (CARECEN)
Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA)
Immigration Section of the Los Angeles County Bar Association
Latina Lawyers Bar Association
Mexican American Bar Association (MABA)

Cite as AILA Doc. No. 04081261.