Information for Volunteer Attorneys

The Need: Our broken immigration system continues to leave many without a path to legal status in this country. DREAMers – young adults who would qualify for relief under the DREAM Act if it were to become law – refer to individuals who came to the U.S. as children through no choice of their own. These immigrant youth, many of whom are the best and the brightest in their communities, currently have no opportunity to attend institutions of higher education or to serve in the military and thereby legalize their immigration status. Those who oppose the DREAM Act often mistakenly repeat the popular misconception that these young people should just “get in line like everyone else.” But as AILA attorneys well know, without the DREAM Act, there is no line in which they can wait. The inability of this large group of young people to obtain any legal status has far-ranging social and economic impacts, and while the debate over the DREAM Act continues, these high achieving young people are facing deportation at record-high levels. As a volunteer with AD2, you can help! Your experience and expertise in providing this pro bono service is an invaluable way for you to help strengthen the economy, the military and the fabric of the United States.

How You Can Help: Complete the AD2 Volunteer Application form and return it to AILA at Your name will be added to a list of volunteer attorneys available to assist DREAMers. You will also be added to the AD2 listserv, which will enable you to exchange information and communicate with your fellow AD2 volunteer attorneys, and more importantly, to remain abreast of pending AD2 cases in need of an expert immigration attorney. Signing up now, however, does not mean that you must accept a case if it is offered. Although AILA hopes all members will sign up to be an active part of this landmark collaboration, we understand that your particular involvement is subject to your availability at the time you are contacted by an AILA program coordinator. And if this is your first DREAM case…no problem! AILA has training and mentors available to support you.

Help AILA keep the DREAM alive for immigrant youth!

For more information on AD2 or other pro bono opportunities, contact Susan Timmons at

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