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AILALink is an online immigration law library complete with resources essential for practicing immigration law. Subscribers can rely on AILALink for up-to-date information, including legislative and regulatory updates.

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Subscription Benefits

  • Access to primary and secondary sources such as the INA, CFR, FAM, agency manuals/correspondence, and more
  • Access to $4,000-plus worth of AILA publications, including Kurzban's Immigration Law Sourcebook and AILA’s Immigration Law Practice and Procedure Manual
  • Included access to Fastcase Premium, a comprehensive research database that includes federal and state case law, statutes, and regulations, plus administrative decisions from the BIA, BALCA, the AAO, and more
  • Frequent site updates so you can be sure you're accessing the latest information
  • Bookmark, note, and folder features to help keep your research organized

Affordable Pricing for Single Subscribers

AILALink has 3–, 6–, and 12-month subscription options to offer you the flexibility you need throughout the year.

 Single Subscriber Rates
 Nonmember  Nonmember:
 3 months      $275      $475      $275    
 6 months  $450      $650      $450    
 12 months      $775      $1,095      $775    

AILA law student members receive an AILALink subscription as part of their AILA law student member benefits. To join AILA as a law student member, please complete the Law Student Membership Application. If you are an existing AILA law student member who needs to activate your AILALink subscription, please email

Multi-Subscriber Plans

Under a multi-subscriber plan, individuals in the same firm or office are billed together for their AILALink subscriptions (12-month subscriptions only).

Multi-Subscriber Rates (Per Subscription)
New 12-Month Subscriptions Only
 # of
 Nonmembers  Nonmembers:
  $775 $1,095 $775
 2 30%  $543 $767 $543
 3 35%  $504 $712 $504
 4 40%  $465 $657 $465
 5 45%  $426 $602 $426
6 50%  $388 $548 $388
7 or more 55%  $349 $493 $349


Current AILALink subscribers can purchase a renewal subscription starting 90 days before the end date of their current subscription.

A subscription purchased within 75 days after the date a lapsed subscriber’s previous AILALink subscription ended will be considered a renewal subscription.

Library Subscribers

For library subscribers, we are able to offer IP access to AILALink, which allows library patrons to sign in to AILALink using a library’s IP address without needing to have their own AILALink login credentials. IP access to AILALink is limited to academic libraries only. Please contact us at for more information about IP Access.

If you are a librarian who needs a list of books on AILALink for cataloging purposes, please see our AILALink Book Title List (current as of November 2023).


If you’d like to see a demonstration of AILALink, you can sign up for a training or watch our pre-recorded training video. 

If you’d like to give AILALink a try before deciding to subscribe, please contact to sign up for a FREE 30-day trial. (Eligibility for an AILALink trial is limited to first-time users of AILALink and to one 30-day trial per user.)

Subscriber Information

Terms for the use of AILALink are set out in the AILALink Licensing Agreement and AILALink Copyright and Reprint Policy. Should you have any questions about these policies, please don’t hesitate to contact us at