INS to Transfer Tanzanian Boys to Foster Care

INS to Transfer Four Tanzanian Boys to Foster Care

WASHINGTON – The Immigration & Naturalization Service will transfer four Tanzanian nationals, all under 18 years of age, from a juvenile shelter care facility in Pennsylvania to a foster home in the Midwest this week, the result of significant efforts by the INS to find a home setting where the juveniles can remain together.

The four juveniles, who will be cared for by a state-licensed foster family while their cases are in proceedings, entered the United States on tourist visas on July 23, 2001 to attend an International Boy Scout Jamboree in the Washington DC area. They left the event without permission, but subsequently turned themselves in to authorities.

An Immigration Judge ruled in November 2001 that the boys did not violate their status. Within thirty days of the ruling, the Service filed an appeal, which is still pending. The boys will remain under INS authority until their case is resolved. The four juveniles have been at the Berks County Youth Center, a juvenile shelter, since August 2001. The INS and the boys’ attorney have agreed that a Swahili-speaking foster family in the Midwest would be a suitable placement for the boys while the outcome of their case is pending.

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