TPS Registration Process for Haitians

In a telephonic briefing on 1/15/10, USCIS Director Mayorkas indicated that the registration process for TPS for Haitian nationals will begin upon publication in the Federal Register. The agency’s goal is to have it published next week.

The registration period will run for 180 days, and TPS eligibility will be for 18 months. Fees will be required for the I-821, the biometrics, and the I-765 if a work authorization is desired and the I-131 if advance parole (travel permission) is sought. Applicants may apply for fee waivers. Community organizations participating in the briefing emphasized the need for generosity in fee waivers.

As proof of nationality, USCIS is looking primarily for a passport (an expired one is acceptable) or birth certificates. Community organizations participating in the briefing noted the problems with obtaining this documentation in the best of circumstances, and USCIS indicated that secondary evidence would be considered. The organizations emphasized the need to be generous in allowing such documentation.

On the subject of orphans, USCIS noted that, if adopting parents were in the Haiti at the time of the earthquake, they may go to the U.S. embassy to complete the adoption process, and the government of Haiti will waive the exit visa requirement. DHS and DOS are still working on the issues related to adoptions by parents not in Haiti. They urge parents not to travel to Haiti at this time.

Cite as AILA Doc. No. 10011577.