Another Action by Texas Attorney General to Combat Immigration Consultant Fraud

AILA member Paul Parsons reports that, thanks to the work of Edna Ramon Butts, Paco Felici, and others at the Texas Office of the Attorney General,the new Austin yellow pages include new bilingual notices at the beginning of the sections on "Immigration Consultants" and "Notaries Public." The notice before the listings for immigration consultants explains that only agencies authorized by the BIA and attorneys may legally represent individuals in immigration matters. Persons who believe they might have been the victim of fraud related to immigration services are asked to call an 800 number at the AG's offices.

A similar notice appears before the listings for notaries public. Persons who believe they were the victim of fraud by a notary public are instructed to call an 800 number at the Office of the Secretary of State.

Thanks to the continuing efforts of the Office of the Attorney General, similar notices will appear in the yellow page directories published through out Texas in the future

Cite as AILA Doc. No. 04120662.