TPS Filings: VSC Agrees in Limited Circumstances to Accept Copies in lieu of Originals of Final Court Dispositions

As reported in the January 21, 2009 VSC liaison minutes (AILA Doc. No. 09012768), VSC was considering whether it could accept duplicates of dispositions of arrest where the certified original disposition of arrests were included with a prior I-821 submission. AILA discussed with VSC the tremendous cost and time burden associated with obtaining new original dispositions.

VSC has just notified AILA that it will accept duplicate copies of final court dispositions, where the original was included with a prior TPS filing. VSC has amended the language in the notice of intent to deny letters to indicate that copies are acceptable in these circumstances. Please be sure all copies are complete and legible. VSC cautions that if the documents are illegible or incomplete, they will be insufficient and may result in the denial or withdrawal of TPS.

Cite as AILA Doc. No. 09022077.