AILA Announcements

CLE Seminar Next Week: Mitigating Immigration Court Nightmares

No amount of preparation can stop surprises from popping up in the courtroom. During this CLE-eligible seminar on Thursday, July 29, ask questions and gain useful tips on dealing with things like inconsistencies already in the record, uncooperative witnesses, difficult judges, bad facts, and more.

Join AILA for a Free Conversation on Social Injustice

Join AILA on August 2 at 11:00 – 12:00 pm (ET) for a free conversation with INOVA. This forum will provide the open opportunity to discuss the thoughts and feelings associated with the current unrest associated with racial inequality.

CLE Seminar — Advanced L-1 Strategies: Navigating the Changing Terrain

During this live web seminar on August 10, our expert panel will provide an overview of changes to the L-1 category over the past few years and advise on effective strategies to navigate them. We'll cover inconsistent CBP practices, Blanket L-1s, setting client expectations, and more. Register now!

Upcoming Live AILA Conferences — Both Virtual and In-Person Formats

Check out AILA's upcoming live conferences, packed with the top-notch educational programs, networking opportunities, and training sessions that AILA is known for. We have a variety of upcoming events, both virtual and in-person formats. Mark your calendars!

Take Action: Urge Congress to Provide a Path to Citizenship in the Budget Reconciliation

It’s been months since the House passed legislation that would provide a path to citizenship to farm workers and Dreamers, as well as TPS and DED holders. It’s time to urge Congress to include a path to citizenship in the budget reconciliation to those without legal status.

Help Formulate a Future Program Specific for Immigration Paralegals

Over the past several months, AILA has been developing a new program for immigration paralegals — the AILA Immigration Paralegal Affiliates. Please help us by providing feedback.

Take Action: Urge the Administration to Rescind Policies that Restrict Entry to the U.S. and Address the DOS Backlogs and Delays

Recently, AILA met with White House representatives to discuss the need to rescind numerous travel restrictions and shared solutions to address the crisis-level backlog at DOS exacerbated by the travel restrictions. Join AILA in urging the President and DOS to address these issues.

Take Action: Congress Needs to Stop Feeding the Immigration Detention Machine

As Congress sets the government’s budget for the upcoming year, join AILA to urge Congress to reduce funding for detention given ICE’s gross overuse of detention, failure to protect the people in their custody from the ongoing pandemic, and a record of human rights abuses.

Resources on ICE Detention During COVID-19

AILA has created resources related to ICE’s handling of detention during COVID-19, including a free recording eligible for CLE on parole and a just-added webinar on seeking release for detained clients.

Give Your Paralegals the Resources They Need to Thrive

We don't have to tell you that paralegals play an essential role in your practice's success. AILA has the resources to get your staff up to speed and keep their skills sharp. Sign your paralegals up for access today.