AILA Announcements

CLE Seminar — PERM Essentials: Conducting the Recruitment Campaign

After the prevailing wage is determined, employers must test the U.S. labor market to determine if there are any qualified U.S. workers for the position to be offered to the foreign national. During this seminar on March 2, our expert panelists will guide you through this essential PERM step.

CLE Seminar — PERM Essentials: Drafting the Job Description and Minimum Requirements

A successful PERM application requires meticulous attention from the start. During this beginner seminar on February 16, our experts will provide practical tips and techniques for working with clients to draft job descriptions and minimum requirements, timing considerations, and more. Register now!

CLE Seminar Next Week— A Fair Day’s Wages: Alternative Wage Surveys for PERMs and H-1Bs

In light of DOL’s increased wage requirements and a struggling economy, what can employers do to secure H-1Bs and green cards without breaking the bank? Join us for this intermediate seminar on February 9 to learn about the potential of using alternative wage surveys in both H-1B and PERM contexts.

CLE Seminar: Overcoming the “Reason to Believe” Ground of Inadmissibility

The "reason to believe" inadmissibility ground can pop up in many different cases, and the onus is on the foreign national to prove they weren’t culpable. But how do you prove a negative? Our experts will provide legal arguments and advise on best practices during this February 23 CLE seminar.

Celebrate Black History Month with AILA

Sign up to join us on February 1 for a conversation about Black immigrants in the United States. Our conversation will focus on the growing population of Black immigrants, the unique challenges they face, their legal needs, and opportunities to grow political power.

Take Action: Get Ready for Advocacy in 2023

Sign up for AILA’s advocacy newsletter to receive action alerts and stay informed on immigration issues, getting the most up-to-date resources and tools to support our advocacy initiatives delivered to your inbox. In 2023, we are ready to take our activism to the next level and we need you!

AILA Launches Innovation and Technology Interest Group

Technology is transforming how lawyers and firms practice and deliver their services. This free interest group focuses on innovation in law practice management, emphasizing technology that can help make a lawyer's work more efficient and profitable while improving client service. Join today.

Take Action: Support the Work of Local Communities and Create Alternatives to Detention

AILA urges Congress to fund a cost-efficient and impactful approach for arriving migrants that results in high compliance rates. Tell your legislators to support funding for effective alternatives to physical detention or restrictive supervision and electronic monitoring programs.

Attorney Sign-Up - Low Bono Referrals for Afghan Clients

Expand access to representation for Afghans resettling in the United States and sign up for AILA’s Low Bono Referral List. On a rolling basis, AILA continues to collect the information of AILA members willing to provide immigration representation to resettling Afghans at a reduced or low bono rate.