AILA Announcements

A Comprehensive Guide for the Immigration Law Professional-Turned-Businessowner

Take advantage of lessons learned by Ruby Powers during 10+ years as a law firm owner and manager. In Build and Manage Your Successful Immigration Law Practice (Without Losing Your Mind), she shares practical advice and proven strategies that will help you save countless hours of frustration.

CLE Seminar: What You Need to Know about New Premium Processing Rules

During this CLE seminar, our experts will discuss the practical applications and implications of the Implementation of the Emergency Stopgap USCIS Stabilization Act, published in March 2022, and advise on managing client expectations and what's on the horizon for premium processing. Register now!

Help Your Clients Successfully Overcome Barriers in Their Immigration Cases

Having a solid command of immigration waiver options allows you to confidently take on complex cases and achieve positive outcomes. AILA's specialized reference, The Waivers Book, has been fully updated to give you the legal strategies you need to help your client overcome roadblocks.

Give Your Paralegal the Skills They Need to Offer Exceptional Assistance

Set your paralegal up for success with the AILA Paralegals Online Course. Ensure they have a firm foundation in substantive immigration law topics and crucial skills in legal research, customer service, ethics, and professionalism. The self-paced interactive format is perfect for busy support staff.

CLE Seminar: Navigating Complications and Obstacles in the Affirmative Asylum Process

The backlog of applications pending at asylum offices nationwide currently exceeds 430,000, with many applicants waiting over five years just to have their interview. This fundamentals seminar on October 13 will review the current landscape, options available, and how to manage client expectations.

CLE Seminar: Consular Processing Roundup for Families and Survivors

For attorneys and their clients, the pandemic altered routine family consular processing cases, causing increased backlogs and delayed interview scheduling. This September 29 seminar will highlight some of the new barriers created and possible strategies for navigating them. Register today!

Take Action: Urge Congress to Pass the Afghan Adjustment Act

Speak out to urge Congress to pass the bipartisan Afghan Adjustment Act. Congress has passed similar protections following both the U.S. withdrawal from Vietnam and U.S. military actions in Iraq. Email your legislators today! Advocates are encouraged to customize the email.

Discover AILA’s Interest Groups and Maybe Lead One

Do you have special interests that you would like to discuss with other AILA members? Join an AILA Interest Group, where you can exchange ideas, network, and get advice. Check them out today or contact for more information or to volunteer to be the contact for an interest group.

Take Action: Sign up to Receive AILA Advocacy Action Alerts

YOU are vital to our work in achieving a more fair and just immigration system. Sign up to receive AILA’s Advocacy Action Alerts to stay informed about issues facing immigration and get the most up-to-date resources and tools to support our advocacy initiatives. Never miss a take action from AILA!

Attorney Sign-Up - Low Bono Referrals for Afghan Clients

Expand access to representation for Afghans resettling in the United States and sign up for AILA’s Low Bono Referral List. On a rolling basis, AILA continues to collect the information of AILA members willing to provide immigration representation to resettling Afghans at a reduced or low bono rate.