AILA Chapter Awards

The AILA Chapter Award Program recognizes AILA chapters for their dedication, outstanding efforts, and achievements throughout the year. This is a great opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of each AILA chapter.

Chapters who submit the Chapter Awards Checklist earn points for specific programs and activities that further the AILA mission and should strive to create programs and initiatives that mirror the AILA annual plan and support the accomplishment of shared goals.

2021 Chapter Awards

  • Asia-Pacific Chapter: Platinum Level
  • Canada Chapter: Platinum Level
  • Carolinas Chapter: Silver Level
  • Central Florida Chapter: Silver Level
  • Chicago Chapter: Platinum Level
  • Colorado Chapter: Platinum Level
  • Georgia/Alabama Chapter: Platinum Level
  • Idaho Chapter: Bronze Level
  • Latin America and Caribbean Chapter: Gold Level
  • Michigan Chapter: Platinum Level
  • MidSouth Chapter: Platinum Level
  • Minnesota/Dakotas Chapter: Platinum Level
  • New England Chapter: Platinum Level
  • New Jersey Chapter: Gold Level
  • New York Chapter: Gold Level
  • Northern California Chapter: Gold Level
  • Ohio Chapter: Bronze Level
  • Oregon Chapter: Bronze Level
  • Philadelphia Chapter: Bronze Level
  • Pittsburgh Chapter: Bronze Level
  • Rome District Chapter: Silver Level
  • Santa Clara Chapter: Gold Level
  • South Florida Chapter: Platinum Level
  • Texas Chapter: Platinum Level
  • Upstate New York Chapter: Bronze Level
  • Washington State Chapter: Gold Level
  • Washington, DC Chapter: Gold Level
  • Wisconsin Chapter: Bronze Level

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