New Edition of AILA Treatise on Immigration and Crimes Released

George Tzamaras
Belle Woods

Washington, DC - The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) is proud to release the seventh edition of Immigration Consequences of Criminal Activity: A Guide to Representing Foreign-Born Defendants.

Authored by criminal immigration law expert Mary E. Kramer, Immigration Consequences of Criminal Activity is a vital resource for any lawyer working with foreign-national or naturalized citizen clients who have been charged with a crime. Like its predecessors, this edition provides a thoughtful analysis of up-to-date federal and agency case law and an easy-to-follow discussion of the most important issues in this complicated cross-section of law.

AILA Executive Director Benjamin Johnson said, "Far too often immigrants do not understand the potential immigration consequences of even the most minor criminal activity, even if the activity may have taken place decades in the past. They may have gotten bad advice from an otherwise competent criminal lawyer who simply did not know the repercussions of a particular decision when it came to the client's immigration status. Other attorneys are left to pick up the pieces when those repercussions become clear. Thankfully, this book can be a vital resource in that situation."

Immigration Consequences of Criminal Activity takes an easy-to-read approach and provides an expanded discussion of key issues, including entire chapters on the categorical methodology, cooperating witnesses and plea bargaining. The new edition includes important new case law, such as Mathis, Mellouli, and Esquivel-Quintana, as well as an expanded discussion of prolonged detention (habeas) litigation and a host of new memos and motions in the appendices, including habeas petition and naturalization appeal.

Mary Kramer, the book's author noted that "On detention issues, the Trump administration is focused on detaining rather than on exercising discretion. I wrote this book to shed light on an area of immigration law that is often little understood. Don't leave yourself and your clients in the dark."

Those interested in learning more or purchasing Immigration Consequences of Criminal Activity can find more information here.


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