AILA Chief Advisor Responds to Biden Administration’s Extension of Temporary Protected Status for Nationals of Several Countries

Washington, DC - In response to the Biden Administration’s extension of Temporary Protected Status for the nationals of El Salvador, Honduras, Nepal, and Nicaragua, AILA Chief Advisor, Policy and Partnerships Angela Kelley said:

“It is welcome news that the Biden Administration continues to shift away from the anti-immigrant fearmongering of the previous Administration; however, let’s hold the applause. The President can and should do more to protect nationals of these countries who arrived more recently but due to the same circumstances are unable to return home. Use of Temporary Protected Status is a statutory authority at the Administration’s disposal for those in the United States who cannot return to their home countries due to ongoing armed conflict, dangers from natural disasters, or other humanitarian crises. In addition to being on strong statutory grounds, studies show that TPS holders send remittances that help stabilize their home countries and reduce pressure on future irregular migration. Given the challenges at the border that the Administration has to date successfully managed, it should use every tool in its toolbox to support the region and protect migrants already in the United States.”

Cite as AILA Doc. No. 23061304.