Opinion Pieces and Resources

One of the best ways to educate and inform members of your community about aspects of immigration law they might not be aware of is through opinion pieces. They can be short Letters to the Editor about a specific article you've read recently, or longer "Op-Eds" that you submit to papers for consideration. Many outlets also have blogs where they can post pieces beyond those published in the paper itself.

As an AILA member, you have expertise in immigration law and you see firsthand how policies affect real people in your community. As the discussion of how to achieve meaningful immigration reform heats up in Washington, DC and around the nation, sharing your insights will be invaluable.

The AILA Communications team is happy to help by offering editing and reviewing advice, as well as assistance reaching out to local media. Below are some additional tools and examples that might be of use.

Writing an Op-Ed:

Named for its position in a newspaper - opposite the editorial page- the Op-Ed is a great opportunity for you to offer expert opinion and insight on a current immigration issue.