On November 6, 2023, AILA launched a newly designed website. Watch a short video and read our FAQs to learn more about what has changed and how to best use the new website

FAQs about AILA's New Website

What's AILA Shop? What happened to Agora?

To provide AILA members and other AILA website users with a more seamless experience, we have changed the name and URL of our eCommerce site. What used to be known as AILA Agora and was found at is now known as AILA Shop and is found at The products, events, and services available have not changed (aside from us always updating with new, fresh items!). Links at the previous URL have been set to redirect to their new URLs. If you have any questions, please email

Why did we decide to redesign the website?

The last time AILA revamped our website was in January 2015. The way people interact with websites and find information has changed dramatically since then, so it was time to give the website a facelift!

How did AILA decide how the new website should look and function?

AILA worked with designers, website and search experts, and most importantly our members to design a new, user-friendly interface that is easier to navigate and is built around a powerful search tool. Design decisions were guided by member feedback, website analytics, and member focus group testing.

Was any content deleted from the website?

No content was removed.

What has changed on the website?

Content has been reorganized, so it takes fewer clicks to discover helpful materials. We updated the search page design and the technology behind the search, so results are more relevant. New customizable feeds on the homepage help you make sure you don’t miss the content that's most important to you. Collections allow you to easily browse many resources on a specific topic to find what you need. The clean, modern design allows you to focus on the content and then self-serve additional relevant resources.

How do I customize my homepage content?

You can have up to three customizable feeds on your home page. To update them, click the View Settings button in the blue banner at the bottom of the homepage or visit My AILA. Then, click the My Customizations tab. You can select up to three topics. Feeds with the most recent news and resources related to your selected topics will now appear on your homepage under headings that read, “[TOPIC] Resources for You.”

What are collections?

Some landing pages now feature collections. (ex. the Ethics page). Collections bring together documents and resources that are either the same type of document or related to the same topic. You can browse all the documents in a collection on these pages. You can also find documents using keywords by entering keywords in the browse field.

How do I search for documents?

If you are logged into your account, you will see a search field on the homepage that you can use to begin a search by entering a keyword. You can also begin a search by clicking the magnifying glass icon in the top-right corner of every page or by clicking on Research Tools in the navigation menu and then selecting Research Library. If you would like to search for an exact phrase, put it in quotation marks (ex. “particular social group”).

On the results page, you can further hone your results by selecting Topics or Types from the filtering options on the left-hand side of the screen or by selecting a Topic or Type next to a result’s document number. You can also filter by a specific date or date range on the left-hand side of the screen below the Topics and Type filters.

By default, results will be sorted by relevance, but you can choose to sort them by date using the drop-down menu under the keyword search bar.

AILA has recently improved the search technology so you will get more relevant results, and we are committed to continuing to improve the search. To help us, if you feel you are not getting appropriate results, please click “Report a failed search” so we can look into the issue.

Where do I find information about my membership and account settings?

Make sure you are logged in (you will see your name on the homepage and at the top of the screen on every page if you are). If you aren't, click Log In at the top of the screen). There are two ways you can access your membership information and account settings when you are logged in. You can click on the text Hello, [First Name] at the top of the screen on every page and you will be taken to My AILA, where you can review your membership details and adjust account settings. You can also click on the three lines (Hamburger menu) in the top-right corner of the screen and then select Account and Membership. This will also take you to the My AILA page.

Where do I find leadership– and governance-related documents and information?

While logged out, you can access basic information about AILA leadership and governance by clicking on About in the main blue navigation menu and then selecting About AILA from the drop-down menu.

While logged in, you can access additional information related to leadership and governance by clicking on the three lines (Hamburger menu) in the top-right corner of the screen. Then, click the plus sign (+) next to About and select Leadership and Governance. Some documents on this page are only accessible by AILA members, and a smaller number of documents are only accessible by Board members.

Now that the new website has launched, what’s next?

The AILA website is a living resource, and we will keep refining it based on your input and testing. We will continue to collect user feedback and review website analytics to understand how you are using the site. We will also convene member focus groups periodically to test potential new features.

What if I have questions about using the website or suggestions for future changes?

If you have questions or feedback, please email