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Looking Back at AILA’s First Film Fest


AILA’s Film Fest at the annual conference in Nashville was a great success.  Festival attendees were thrilled to have the opportunity to see such inspirational films.  More than 100 people attended the first night’s red carpet event and sat down with popcorn and candy in hand to watch immigration-related films after a full day of CLE sessions.

I am pleased to announce that “Tony and Janina’s American Wedding” won the audience award.  Congratulations to Ruth Leitman, the director of the film, who was on hand to present the film and speak with attendees about the making of the film.

With all of the positive buzz surrounding the event, we look forward to a bigger and better festival next year at the annual conference in San Francisco from June 26-29, 2013.

Written by: Maya W. Wilbourn, Film Fest Coordinator

by Guest Blogger