AILA Report: Deconstructing the Invisible Wall

AILA provides a report that surveys how policy changes by the Trump Administration are slowing and restricting legal immigration. Among the policies and practices surveyed in AILA's report include the travel bans and extreme vetting directives, policies slowing or stopping the admission of foreign workers and entrepreneurs to the United States, the termination or curtailment of programs for compelling populations, hurdles on the naturalization of foreign-born soldiers in the U.S. military, the growing backlog and increase in processing times for immigration applications, and the decreased focus on stakeholder input and customer service by government agencies. Taken together, these policies are impeding legal immigration to the U.S., at the expense of U.S. businesses, American families, local communities, and our economy.

For more information, check out Part I of this series: Cogs in the Deportation Machine

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