AILA Sends Letter to DHS Acting Secretary Detailing MPP’s Barriers to Counsel

On 6/3/19, AILA’s Asylum and Refugee Liaison Committee sent a letter to Acting Secretary Kevin McAleenan detailing their concerns with how the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) are effectively denying asylum seekers a right to be represented by counsel and curtailing due process.

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  • Click to tweet: The "Migrant Protection Protocols" policy impedes communications between asylum seekers and their attorneys. Read @AILANational's letter to @DHSMcAleenan expressing concern over this policy and calling for its termination.
  • Click to tweet: In a Dilley Pro Bono Project survey, 90.3% of the 500 respondents surveyed said they did not feel safe in Mexico. It is time to halt the "Migrant Protection Protocols." Read @AILANational's letter to @DHSMcAleenan to learn more.
  • Click to tweet: Asylum seekers forced to stay in Mexico under the "Migrant Protection Protocols" may not have regular access to food/clean water and are often exposed to violence. These are just a few of the reasons @AILANational is calling for an end to this policy.

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