ICE Issues Updated National Detention Standards

ICE issued the National Detention Standards (NDS) 2019, which supersede the standards issued in 2000. Per ICE, “These detention standards will apply to the approximately 45 U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Intergovernmental Service Agreement (IGSA) facilities currently operating under the NDS, approximately 35 United States Marshals Service (USMS) facilities used by ICE and which ICE inspects against the NDS, as well as approximately 60 facilities (both IGSA and USMS) which do not reach the threshold for ICE annual inspections – generally those with an Average Daily Population of less than 10.”

The revised NDS eliminate or greatly reduce a number of prior standards, including for “Emergency Plans; Marriage Requests; Non-Medical Emergency Escorted Trips; Contraband; Population Counts; Key and Lock Control; and Tool Control.” Per ICE, “Descriptions of ICE’s responsibilities and commitments to its detainees have been removed throughout.”

The complete National Detention Standards (NDS) 2019 can be found at:

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