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6/30/23 AILA Doc. No. 21081935. Consular Processing

The situation in Afghanistan is constantly changing and the information provided below could be outdated. AILA recommends that individuals consult with an attorney for further information and guidance.

AILA members: this document is accessible to the public and can be shared with clients and the community who may need access to resources.

Use your immigration knowledge to help an Afghan individual or family in need of pro bono assistance today. Find pro bono opportunities.

Members of the public: if you need an immigration lawyer, please consult AILA's Immigration Lawyer Search.

Evacuate Our Allies

Is a coalition of trusted human rights, religious and refugee organizations working alongside veterans and frontline civilians to evacuate at-risk Afghan allies to safety.

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Practice Resources for Afghans Once They are In the United States

Special Immigrant Visas (SIV)



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Evacuation Resources

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Humanitarian and Conditional Parole

Agency Resources Related to Parole

Resources Related to Parole from Military Bases

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Refugee and Resettlement Information

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Operation Allies

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Other Resources

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