AILA in the News

Article: Biden's Immigration Moves Could Put Huge Population in Limbo

Axios reports on President Biden's use of humanitarian parole. AILA Senior Director of Government Relations Greg Chen noted that parole, while an important mechanism, must "be viewed as a temporary measure," which puts the pressure back on Congress to pass lasting legal reforms.

Article: Tech Layoffs Likely Pose No Deterrent to Record H-1B Visa Demand

Bloomberge Law reports that despite tech layoffs, demand for H-1B workers will likely reach a new high. AILA Director of Government Relations Shev Dalal-Dhein explained that while big tech companies that are downsizing are some of the biggest H-1B users, pent-up demand could make up for that.

Article (Subscription Req'd): Biden at Crossroads as Ninth Circuit Nixes TPS Rescission Ruling

Law360 reports the full Ninth Circuit vacated an order that could have caused 300,000 TPS holders to lose status. AILA Senior Director of Government Relations Greg Chen noted that the "en banc review will give the Biden [A]dministration renewed opportunity to re-examine its legal posture."

Article: State Department Plans Pilot for Domestic Visa Renewal

Bloomberg reports DOS will begin offering certain temporary visa holders domestic visa renewals. Shev Dalal-Dheini, Director of Government Relations at AILA, which has pushed for a return to stateside visa renewals, said people have been "left in limbo" due to visa processing delays abroad.

Article (Subscription Req'd): DHS Reaches Permit, Visa Deal with Foreign Worker Spouses

Law360 reports on the settlement in Edakunni v. Mayorkas. USCIS had already adjudicated the visa and work permit applications of the initial plaintiff spouses, so the biggest challenge for litigators at Wasden Law and AILA was keeping the case "alive" by adding new plaintiffs.

Article: Biden Shares His Border Security Plan ahead of Trip to Mexico

NPR reports on President Biden's recently announced border security plans. AILA Chief Advisor for Policy and Partnerships Angela Kelley explains, "We want to create legal pathways for people so that they come with a visa and not a smuggler."

Article: Immigration Fees Would Increase under New USCIS Proposal

Marketplace reports USCIS is proposing sweeping fee hikes. AILA Director of Government Relations Sharvari Dalal-Dheini pointed out that a new $600 fee on employers looking hire foreign workers "could have the negative impact of deterring companies from investing in the United States."

Article (Subscription Req'd): U.S. Aims to Fund Asylum Cases with Higher Immigration Fees

Law360 reports on proposed changes to USCIS fees. AILA Director of Government Relations Sharvari Dalal-Dheini said they could be particularly "prohibitive" for employers, noting, "we're also talking about small businesses and universities and nonprofits and groups that can't afford it."

Article: 2023 May Be Decisive for U.S. Immigration Policy

Voice of America reports on the recent SCOTUS decision on Title 42 and the incoming Republican-controlled House. AILA Chief Advisor on Policy and Partnerships Angela Kelley explained the delay in ending Title 42 might provide an opportunity for the Administration to try different approaches.