Are Republicans Rethinking Their Anti-Immigration Strategy?


Richard Nadler, president of the Americas Majority Foundation, a public-policy think tank in Overland Park, Kansas recently posted some key monetary information about donors to Republican candidates or causes. Typically Republican leaning groups such as farmers, ranchers, hoteliers, construction company owners, restaurateurs, those having problems getting visas for guest workers appear to be shifting away from the Republican party and the anti-immigration strategy of recent years.

Nadler notes: “Within these groups, $20 of each $100 contributed has shifted from Republicans to Democrats. In general, the shift has occurred within the past four years, following the overwhelming repudiation of comprehensive immigration reform by the House Republican Caucus.”

Is this proof of anything? Perhaps not, but as those of us who attended the National Day of Action, Republican congressional offices were no longer all poo-pooing talk of immigration reform. Some even expressed interest in supporting “amnesty.”

This is the time to start approaching YOUR Republican congressman or Senator. Help them to understand the current dynamics of reform and of where the polls supporting immigration reform are pointing

by Charles Kuck