Committees and Groups

One of the greatest benefits of AILA membership is the opportunity to connect with other dedicated attorneys who share your passion for immigration law.

Learn about AILA National's committees, local chapters, practice area sections, and interest groups. Then, start connecting with a vast network of experienced practitioners, find an abundance of knowledge and support, and deepen your involvement in AILA. 

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National Committees
AILA national committees carry out diverse association tasks, such as liaising with government agencies, developing policy recommendations and litigation strategies, coordinating educational initiatives, involving and engaging members, and more.
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AILA Chapters
Connect with colleagues locally through AILA chapters. With 35 local chapters in the United States and 4 international chapters, you can network with attorneys in your region, attend local events, and stay informed on local issues.
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Practice Area Sections
Join an AILA section aligned with your practice area or explore new areas of interest in these specialized groups focused on specific areas of immigration law. Share expertise, stay up to date on the latest developments, and exchange ideas.
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Interest Groups
Dive deeper into niche topics within immigration law or connect with people who share your background or interests. AILA interest groups are communities dedicated to exchanging ideas, addressing emerging issues, and fostering connections with peers.

Serve on a committee or task force.

Contribute to AILA’s mission and develop as a leader by volunteering your time and talents on one of our many national committees and task forces.