AILA Calls for Independent Immigration Courts

Many Americans are not aware that our nation’s immigration courts, unlike other courts, are a part of DOJ — the very same law-enforcement agency that is charged with prosecuting criminal immigration cases in federal courts. That's why AILA believes America needs an independent, Article I immigration court that will administer our nation’s immigration laws free from political manipulation.

You can join AILA in urging members of Congress to publicly support independent, Article I immigration court reform to ensure that everyone can have access to a fair day in court.

Take action and tell Congress to call for immigration court reform and share your support on social media.


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  • Click to tweet: Immigration judges are tasked with cases that can determine life or death. To ensure they make fair and just decisions, the courts must be removed from the DOJ so they can operate independently. #JudicialIndependence
  • Click to tweet: EOIR’s bureaucratic power grabs, playing politics with judicial hiring, the crushing case backlog, and fake court dates - just a few of the reasons we need an independent immigration court. #JudicialIndependence #ProtectDueProcess

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