EOIR Operating Policies and Procedures Memorandum 17-01: Continuances

MaryBeth Keller, Chief Immigration Judge, reminds IJs that in all situations in which a continuance is granted at a hearing, they must make the reason(s) for the adjournment clear on the record and should only use, "where warranted for good cause or by authority established by case law."

This memo supplemented and amended OPPM 13-01; however, OPPM 13-01 was rescinded by OPPM 19-01, issued on 11/7/18, and reads:

"Guidance on continuances in OPPM 17-01 remains in effect, and any reference in any other memorandum to OPPM 13-01 regarding continuances should be treated as a reference to OPPM 17-01, as appropriate."

On January 8, 2021, OPPM 17-01 was replaced by PM 21-13, Continuances.

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