Solutions That Work: A Policy Manual for Immigration Reform

Solutions That Work: A Policy Manual for Immigration Reform was crafted by the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) to show that a solution to our nation's immigration problem does exist and can be achieved. Each section of this policy manual summarizes a key component of the existing immigration system, identifies its deficiencies and offers workable solutions that when applied together, will fix the totality of the broken, outdated, and inadequate system. AILA believes that for lasting and meaningful reform to take hold, these various components must be addressed in a comprehensive immigration reform package.

Electronic Policy Manual

Browse or download an electronic version of the Policy Manual here.

Immigration Resources for the 112th Congress

As a companion piece to the Solutions That Work, “Immigration Resources for the 112th Congress” describes proposals AILA anticipates will be made in the 112th Congress. Many of these proposals may sound appealing—as easy fixes or ways to get tough on illegal immigration—but they would do little to address America’s immigration needs. What’s worse, in most cases they would cause great suffering to immigrants and their families, add unnecessary costs to the DHS budget, or slow our economic recovery at a time when we desperately need job growth.

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