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AILA and Partners Request USCIS to Accept Prior Edition of I-914 Forms Through March 31, 2025

5/16/24 AILA Doc. No. 24053003. T & U Status

AILA, the Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking, Immigrant Legal Resource Center, and Freedom Network USA sent a letter urging USCIS to accept the prior edition of the I-914 form through March 31, 2025, after it indicated that starting June 3, 2024, it would only accept the April 1, 2024, edition.

On May 29, 2024, USCIS updated its instructions to state:

04/01/24. Starting Aug. 28, 2024, we will accept only the 04/01/24 edition of Form I-914; Form I-914, Supplement A; and Form I-914, Supplement B. From June 3, 2024, to Aug. 27, 2024, we will accept the 04/01/24 edition of Form I-914 that is filed with either the 12/02/21 or the 04/01/24 edition of Form I-914, Supplement A and Supplement B.

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