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AILA and Partners Send Letter Demonstrating that Nonimmigrants Are Vital to Our COVID-19 Recovery

5/21/20 AILA Doc. No. 20052635. Business Immigration

On May 21, 2020, AILA joined 323 U.S. employers and business-related groups in sending a letter to President Trump and the Secretaries of the Department of State, Department of Labor, and Department of Homeland Security highlighting the importance of highly skilled nonimmigrant professionals to America’s economic recovery. The letter cautions that excessive constraints on these highly skilled professionals may further deepen unemployment and undermine our economic recovery.

AILA would like to extend a special thank you to its members who helped encourage business clients to sign on to this letter. Of the 324 signatories who signed on this letter, 208 of the signatories (nearly 65%) signed on the letter by way of AILA’s survey.

Please note that not all U.S. businesses who completed AILA’s survey were included on this sign-on letter due to the short turnaround time for signatures and the due diligence required to review and confirm the details of each business who completed AILA’s survey. Businesses targeted for this sign-on letter were those who regularly employ highly skilled college-educated nonimmigrant professional. Individual immigration law firms were not included in this sign-on letter as such law firms are already represented by AILA, a signatory of this letter. Individual higher education institutions were also not included as signatories in the letter as higher education institutions were already represented by a number of university associations who signed on to the letter (e.g., NAFSA, AAU, and APLU). The final decision on whether or not to include certain signatories on this sign-on letter was at the discretion of the Compete America coalition.

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