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AILA Policy Brief: Effective Border Management Begins with Improving the U.S. Asylum System

6/13/19 AILA Doc. No. 19060701. Admissions & Border, Asylum
AILA issued a policy brief with solutions to the recent increase in migration at the U.S. southern border, which will prove to be more effective in providing a fair, orderly, and efficient system for processing asylum seekers and other migrants.

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  • Click to tweet: In this policy brief, @AILANational outlines solutions to improve the adjudication process for asylum seekers and migrants at the border. Read the analysis and recommendations here: http://ow.ly/EE2C30oVNsS
  • Click to tweet: To improve border management, more USCIS asylum officers should be hired and sent to the border region to conduct preliminary screenings for asylum known as “credible fear interviews.” @AILANational offers border management solutions in this policy brief: http://ow.ly/EE2C30oVNsS
  • Click to tweet: Offering government-funded legal counsel is just one way the government could make the adjudication of cases more efficient and fair. Read about this recommendation and more in this policy brief from @AILANational. http://ow.ly/EE2C30oVNsS

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