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AILA President Allen Orr: Pause on Title 42 Rollback Unsurprising; the Fight Continues

5/20/22 AILA Doc. No. 22052009. Admissions & Border, Asylum

Washington, DC – Allen Orr, President of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) responded to the decision from U.S. District Judge Summerhays to issue a preliminary injunction against the Biden administration’s lifting of Title 42, a public health law, which had been scheduled to occur on May 23. Mr. Orr’s statement follows:

“We are disappointed but in no way surprised by this decision. The judge had signaled that he believed the unjust use of a public health law as a cruel and anti-immigrant tool to expel vulnerable asylum seekers was okay by him. Thousands upon thousands of migrants have been illegally expelled before being allowed to have a meaningful chance to claim protection under our laws. That injustice will continue because of this meritless decision.
“This just shows again that Congress and all Americans must ensure that the laws are in fact changed so that Title 42 can never be used as a bludgeon against those who need our protection the most. The hypocrisy in being unwilling to wear a mask to protect others during a global pandemic, while demanding a public health law be used to expel asylum seekers, is reprehensible. We deserve better, we demand better, we will overcome this decision and ensure America’s compassion and commitment to fairness and justice prevail.”

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