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AILA Releases Fourth Edition of Litigating Immigration Cases in Federal Court

9/21/17 AILA Doc. No. 17092136.
George Tzamaras
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WASHINGTON, DC - The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) is proud to release the fourth edition of Litigating Immigration Cases in Federal Court, authored by Robert Pauw. The book provides expert guidance and a summary of up-to-date case law for practitioners defending noncitizens who are subject to removal or who have been denied immigration benefits to which they are entitled.

"It's no secret that the position many immigrants find themselves in these days is precarious to say the least," said AILA Executive Director Benjamin Johnson. "We as lawyers need to consider new strategies to ensure that our clients are heard and receive due process. Across the country, immigration lawyers are having to step up and use new techniques like federal litigation in order to ensure our country's fundamental principles of justice and fairness are upheld. This book will help both beginners and experienced litigators prepare for the federal court arena."

This book provides a comprehensive overview of the basic principles of judicial review, including standing, mootness and ripeness; subject matter jurisdiction and the jurisdiction-stripping provisions in IIRAIRA; administrative law principles that apply in immigration cases; litigation under the Freedom of Information Act; and how to seek attorneys' fees when the plaintiff prevails in the litigation.

Litigating Immigration Cases in Federal Court is a practice-focused resource, and includes sample pleadings as well as up-to-date case law on relevant principles of judicial review, including "Quick Cites" - editorially vetted favorable cases that can be located quickly and cited in brief writing.

The book's author, Robert Pauw, noted "In order to effectively represent clients, it is not good enough to be able to simply prepare and file the applications and hope the applications will be approved. The immigration practitioner must be prepared to challenge improper denials through litigation in federal courts, or refer cases to immigration lawyers who are able to seek vindication in federal courts. The knowledge necessary to do just that is precisely what this resource offers."

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