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Volunteer for AILA Citizenship Day: Find Trainings

9/13/23 AILA Doc. No. 17080263. Naturalization & Citizenship

Join AILA and local grass-roots organizations to support lawful permanent residents begin their journey towards naturalization.


2023 Trainings

  • Hot Topics in Naturalization (2023)
    In this recorded webinar from August 23, 2023, AILA Texas members Rebecca Kitson, Ana Maria Schwartz, and Maria McIntyre discuss current issues related to naturalization, including long absences in a post(ish) COVID world, the new trial naturalization test, the new N-648 form and trends, proposed changes to the N-400, policy changes, and naturalization trends. Access the presentation PowerPoint slides.
  • Citizenshipworks
    Citizenshipworks is a national partner of AILA Citizenship Day. Citizenshipworks, a creation of Justicia Lab (formerly the Immigration Advocates Network), the Immigrant Legal Resource Center, and Pro Bono Net, makes the citizenship form simple by guiding volunteer attorneys and naturalization applicants through the application from start to finish. View a demo for users of this platform for Citizenship Day here.”
  • The N-400 Application (2023)
    In this recorded webinar, Shawn Rahman with CUNY Citizenship Now! shares details about the eligibility requirements for naturalization, goes through the N-400 application, and provides additional resources. For more information, access the presentation PowerPoint slides.
  • Best Practices in Completing Fee Waivers - In this recorded webinar from August 16, 2023, Christine Chen with Asian Americans Advancing Justice Southern California, shares best practices and tips on how to complete the fee waiver (I-912) and reduced fee (I-942) forms. During this session geared toward all AILA Citizenship Day volunteers, Christine shares details about eligibility requirements, goes through the application, and provides additional resources. For more information, access the presentation PowerPoint slides.
  • Stay tuned for more details and registration info for our volunteer-focused webinars on hot topics in naturalization today.