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AILA Submits Comments Identifying Barriers to USCIS Benefits and Services

5/19/21 AILA Doc. No. 21052032.

In May 2021, AILA submitted comments to USCIS in response to its request for input identifying barriers across its benefits and services. USCIS has taken many steps to address inefficiencies but there is more work to be done. See our chart for more information.

AILA submitted comments on how USCIS can reduce barriers across its administrative services, regulations, and policies that impede its customers from timely and efficiently accessing immigration benefits and services. AILA addressed barriers to USCIS customer engagement and access to services, offered solutions to USCIS’s crisis level processing delays, made recommendations on measures USCIS can take to improve the consistency and fairness in adjudications, and proposed revisions to USCIS regulations and policies that would allow USCIS to operate more efficiently and effectively.

Cite as AILA Doc. No. 21052032.