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DHS Final Rule for STEM Students and Cap-Gap Relief

3/11/16 AILA Doc. No. 16030901. Students & Schools

DHS final rule to improve and expand training opportunities for F-1 students with STEM degrees and cap-gap relief for eligible F-1 students. This rule is effective 5/10/16, except the addition of 8 CFR 214.16, which is effective from 5/10/16, through 5/10/19. (81 FR 13040, 3/11/16)


8 CFR Parts 214 and 274a

[DHS Docket No. ICEB-2015-0002]

RIN 1653-AA72

Improving and Expanding Training Opportunities for F-1 Nonimmigrant Students With STEM Degrees and Cap-Gap Relief for All Eligible F-1 Students

AGENCY: Department of Homeland Security.

ACTION: Final rule.

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