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DOS Says It Intends to Continue Processing H-2 Visas as Much as Possible

DOS announced that it intends to continue processing H-2 cases as much as possible, post resources and local government restrictions permitting. DOS Secretary Pompeo has authorized consular officers to expand the categories of H-2 visa applicants whose applications can be adjudicated without an in-person interview, and consular officer can now, if they so choose, waive the visa interview requirement for first-time and returning H-2 applicants who have no apparent ineligibility or potential ineligibility.

This expansion also increases the period in which returning workers may qualify for an interview waiver. Applicants whose previous visas expired in the last 48 months, and who did not require a waiver of ineligibility the last time they applied, do not need to be interviewed in-person if they are applying for the same visa classification as their previous visa. 

Cite as AILA Doc. No. 20032640.