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EOIR to Resume Hearings in Non-Detained Cases at Some Immigration Courts

6/24/20 AILA Doc. No. 20062532. Asylum, Removal & Relief

EOIR announced that on June 29, 2020, it will resume non-detained individual (merits) hearings and master calendar dockets involving relatively small numbers of respondents at the following immigration courts: Boston, Buffalo, Dallas, Hartford, Las Vegas, and New Orleans. The option to file by email at these courts will end on August 26, 2020. The option to file by email at the Batavia, LaSalle, and Oakdale immigration courts will also end on that date. Emails sent to those courts after that date will not be accepted and will be deleted without review.

Please check the EOIR’s operational status webpage for the latest updates.

Cite as AILA Doc. No. 20062532.