AILA Lawyers Malpractice Insurance Program

11/9/23 AILA Doc. No. 23032103.

The AILA Lawyers Malpractice Insurance Program is available exclusively to active AILA members.

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As an attorney, you are always at risk of a client filing a grievance or a lawsuit, even if you have done nothing wrong. Why spend your valuable time responding to these complaints? As one of several risk management best practices, the right professional liability policy will assist you in developing an appropriate response to such allegations. In addition, it will protect you and your firm from financial loss arising out of any actual or alleged mistakes committed in the course of providing legal advice to your clients.

The AILA Malpractice Insurance Program provides the protection you need, at affordable rates. Our program delivers enhanced malpractice insurance coverage at a preferred rate not available to non-members. Contact us to learn more about additional no-cost coverage enhancements and/or optional policy endorsements. Then, compare to your current policy and see if you can improve your coverage and/or reduce your current insurance premium.



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The AILA Lawyers Malpractice Insurance Program is managed by the Insurance Office of America (IOA), the 11th largest brokerage firm in the country with extensive experience in development association programs. The Hanover Insurance Group (and AIX Specialty Insurance Company, a member of The Hanover Insurance Group) is the insurance underwriters for the AILA Lawyers Malpractice Insurance Program. The program is offered in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.