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Map of ICE Enforcement Actions (January 2017–November 2020)

11/16/20 AILA Doc. No. 18030200. Removal & Relief

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AILA's enforcement map illustrates a sample of enforcement actions ICE has undertaken nationwide since January 2017. President Trump’s administration has utilized aggressive enforcement tactics to arrest and deport as many people as possible, including hard-working parents of U.S. citizen children, people without criminal records, DACA recipients, and longtime community members working to regularize their status. Read the stories highlighted on AILA's map to see the impact of these tactics.

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Sources: Announcements of ICE Enforcement Actions; Case Examples; and AILA member case examples.

*This map is meant to highlight a small number of the enforcement actions taken by ICE since January 2017. It does NOT include all of the enforcement actions taken, nor is it meant to be a representative sample of the geographic distribution of enforcement actions.

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