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Ninth Edition of AILA’s Invaluable Asylum Primer Released

1/29/24 AILA Doc. No. 24012903. Asylum

WASHINGTON, DC – The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) is proud to release the 9th edition of AILA’s Asylum Primer: A Practical Guide to U.S. Asylum Law and Procedure, authored by Dree K. Collopy. This book is the comprehensive, practical guide to U.S. asylum law and procedure, and has been updated to address the myriad changes to asylum law since the release of the last edition in 2019.

AILA Executive Director Ben Johnson said, “To say that we have seen dramatic changes in asylum law and policy in the last several years is an understatement. Immigration practitioners need the latest and most comprehensive tactics, strategies, and information to advocate with the agencies and courts on behalf of their clients. This book will help practitioners, those new to the area of practice as well as long-time asylum attorneys, do the best job possible for their vulnerable clients.”

The new edition includes updates, such as:

  • The state of particular social groups post-vacatur of Matter of A–B– I, Matter of A–B– II, and Matter of L–E–A– II
  • Legal developments in bars to asylum eligibility: the expanded safe third country agreement with Canada, the Mendez Rojas Settlement, Negusie and the persecutor bar, and new exemptions to the material support bar
  • New BIA precedent decisions addressing torturous conduct committed by public officials "acting under color of law" vs. actions of "rogue officials"
  • Tips for addressing affirmative asylum processing challenges: delayed receipts, online filing, backlogs, etc.
  • Utilizing the Mayorkas enforcement priorities and Doyle prosecutorial discretion memoranda in defensive asylum proceedings
  • Asylum processing at the border, including the Biden Administration's new "Asylum Processing" and "Circumvention of Lawful Pathways" rules
  • The impact of the J.O.P. litigation and Matter of M–A–C–O– on children seeking asylum
  • Developments in administrative and judicial review of asylum claims
  • Tips for addressing current EAD and I-730 challenges
  • When to file asylee adjustment of status applications, following the physical presence policy change
  • The Biden Administration's new parole programs
  • And more!

Those interested in learning more or purchasing AILA’s Asylum Primer can find more information on AILA’s website.