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Nebraska Service Center Processing Time Report (8/16/02)

8/16/02 AILA Doc. No. 02082744.

Nebraska Service Center 
Processing Time Report 

August 16, 2002 

Form Date in Process*
I-90 to replace lost, damaged or destroyed I-551 2/26/2002
I-90 to renew expiring I-551 3/12/2002
I-102 - Replacement of Arrival Document 1/24/2002
I-129 for H1B classification 5/29/2002
I-129 for H2A classification 8/2/2002
I-129 for H2B classification 7/12/2002
I-129 for H3 classification 4/11/2002
I-129 for L classification 6/21/2002
I-129 for Blanket L petition 6/24/2002
I-129 for O classification 5/6/2002
I-129 for P classification 6/17/2002
I-129 for Q or R classification 3/4/2002
I-129 for TN classification 6/10/2002
I-129F- Petition for Fiance(e) 4/8/2002
I-130 for Spouse of US Citizen 3/19/2002
I-130 for Spouse of Lawful Permanent Resident 4/10/2001
I-130 for Parent or Child** of US Citizen 3/12/2002
I-130 for Other Relative 4/14/2001
I-131 for Advance Parole 7/4/2002
I-131 for Advance Parole for HRIFA principal applicant 3/18/2002
I-131 for Reentry Permit 3/13/2002
I-131 for Refugee Travel Document 7/16/2002
I-140 A*** (extraordinary ability) 2/27/2002
I-140 B*** (outstanding professor or researcher) 2/25/2002
I-140 C*** (multinational executive or manager) 6/11/2002
I-140 D*** (professional holding adv. degree/alien of exceptional ability) 3/14/2002
I-140 E*** (skilled worker or professional) 6/18/2002
I-140 I*** (National Interest Waiver) 3/6/2002
I-140 G*** (other worker) 7/1/2002
I-212 - Waiver 3/14/2002
I-360 - Petition for Widow/Special Immigrant 9/17/2001
I-485 Asylum-based**** 9/30/1998
I-485 Refugee-based****^ 3/5/2001
I-485 Employment-based****^ 1/24/2001
I-485 Haitian Refugee Immigration Fairness Act (HRIFA)-based****^ 12/18/1999
I-539 for extension of stay for F or M nonimmigrant 8/2/2002
I-539 for extension of stay for J nonimmigrant 8/2/2002
I-539 for extension of stay for L or H nonimmigrant^^ 6/7/2002
I-539 for extension of stay for other nonimmigrant 6/24/2002
I-539 to change nonimmigrant classification to F or M 6/28/2002
I-539 to change nonimmigrant classification to J 7/19/2002
I-539 to change nonimmigrant classification to L or H^^ 6/6/2002
I-539 to change to other nonimmigrant classification 6/5/2002
I-612 - Application for Waiver of 2-year foreign residency requirement 8/2/2002
I-730 - Petition for Relative of Asylee or Refugee 2/21/2002
I-751 - Remove Conditions on Residency 4/9/2002
I-765 for initial asylee or asylum applicant work authorization 7/1/2002
I-765 for employment authorization associated with Hurricane Mitch TPS 6/3/2002
I-765 for employment authorization associated with El Salvador TPS 5/20/2002
I-765 for employment authorization while I-485 is pending 7/4/2002
I-765 for all other employment authorization 4/9/2002
I-817 - Family Unity 8/2/2002
I-821 for El Salvador 5/20/2002
I-821 for Hurricane Mitch countries 5/17/2002
I-824 - Application for Action on Approved Petition/Application 5/16/2000

* Date in Process is the receipt date of the most recently received cases being processed. If your case was received by the NSC before this date and you have not received a notice of approval or denial, request for evidence or intent to deny, feel free to inquire about case status. If your case was not receipted prior to this date, please do not inquire as doing so may slow processing. Note: Fingerprint notices are generally issued 30-120 days after receipt of N-400 cases; 30-180 days after receipt for I-485 cases; and 30-60 days after receipt for I-821 and I-817 cases. 
** Child must be under 21 years old and unmarried 
*** Refers to the block checked in part 2 of the petition 
**** This date is approximate. Applications may not be worked in received-date order due to the requirement to obtain criminal background check results and the A-File. 
^ You may inquire at any time if a dependent will turn age 21 within two months. 
^^ Applications filed with I-129 petitions will be processed concurrently with the petition.