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AILA Chapter Pro Bono Champions

6/15/21 AILA Doc. No. 13050340.

AILA members have long been known for their community-mindedness and dedication to the provision of expert immigration legal assistance to underserved members of the immigrant population of this country. We all agree that Pro Bono is a part of professionalism.

AILA is committed to increasing, recognizing, and honoring AILA attorneys for their pro bono involvement. Pro bono service continues to be a hallmark of our profession, and AILA members take this commitment very seriously.

With the National Pro Bono Services Committee as the driving force, AILA is glad to present an annual chapter-based program designed to continue the tradition of honoring those who are exemplars of the pillar of professionalism that is pro bono work.

The committee hopes to do this by encouraging each chapter to present the Chapter Pro Bono Champion Awards, once a year, and by recognizing the award winners at the national level. Although a voluntary recognition program, we hope that you will encourage your chapter's pro bono committee to launch this chapter-based award; this program will also be incorporated as part of the AILA Chapter Awards Program, and your participation will gain you valuable points toward that prestigious award as well.

Any AILA attorney, project, firm, or non-profit organization is eligible for this award for pro bono service during each AILA year (July-June). A maximum of two awards can be given per chapter.

This program is designed to shine a well-deserved light on those among us who are consistently achieving and exceeding their pro bono goals, and who are tirelessly working to promote pro bono service and to further AILA's mission " promote justice, advocate for fair and reasonable immigration law and policy, advance the quality of immigration and nationality law and practice, and enhance the professional development of its members."

Contact your Chapter Chair to nominate a colleague as an AILA Pro Bono Champion today, and look for all of the champions to be recognized at the annual conference this summer.

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