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South Carolina DMV Fact Sheet

8/29/18 AILA Doc. No. 18091837.
The information below has not been recently updated. Please check directly with the state DMV or with AILA chapter liaisons to confirm its accuracy.

Immigration-related DMV information for the state of South Carolina.

Name of Agency that Grants Driver's Licenses

Driver Services (does use "DMV" abbreviation)

Current Link to Lawful Presence Requirements

Requirements are different for U.S. Citizens vs. non-citizens-checklists download in PDF form, must follow link on DMV web site:

United States Citizens


How long may a visitor (or new resident) drive in this state/territory using a valid license from another jurisdiction?

Within 45 days of moving to South Carolina

Does this state/territory issue a driver's license that does not require proof of lawful presence? If yes, provide link to requirements.


Does this state/territory provide non-driver's license identification documents, such as state IDs, that do not require proof of lawful presence? If yes, please provide link to requirements.

Yes. See also links above.

Does this state/territory require a Social Security Number for driver's license or ID issuance?

Yes, or non-work authorized status from the SSA.

Is this state/territory REAL ID Compliant or in period of extension?


Are non-US citizens eligible for commercial driver's licenses ("CDLs") in this state/territory? If yes, please provide a link to the requirements.

Must be a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident. Those in non-immigrant status are not eligible for a CDL.

How is driver's license validity determined for temporary visitors including green card applicants, visitors, students and non-immigrant workers on valid visas?

Based on expiration of lawful presence documentation submitted. If submitting a receipt notice for extension of stay or adjustment of status, will receive a short-term extension.

Does the state provide a driver's license extension based on receipt notices?

  1. F-1 students in a period of "cap gap" stay: Yes
  2. Non-immigrants with timely filed petitions for extension of stay or change of status: Yes (see below)
  3. Applicants with pending AOS (prior to issuance of EAD) Yes (see below)

Does the state/territory issue driver's licenses to DACA grantees?

Yes (based on unexpired EAD)

Preferred Contact Information for Troubleshooting Tough Cases

Maquella Grant at 803 896-4892 Maquella.Grant@SCDMV.net

Words of Wisdom

South Carolina has documentary requirements based on which status a person is in:

  • If the non-immigrant status is work based, the applicant must have an employer letter when applying for a driver's license
  • If the status is student or exchange program based, must have accompanying Form I-20 or DS-2019 form
  • If marriage-based adjustment of status filed, must have marriage certificate and I-797 Receipt notice.

Non-Citizens must always appear in person and must go to designated service centers that have the resources necessary to evaluate immigration documentation.