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Supplement Complaint Demands Government Action on Inadequate Medical Care in Colorado Detention Center

6/11/19 AILA Doc. No. 19061191. Admissions & Border, Asylum, Removal & Relief
On June 11, 2019, the American Immigration Council and AILA supplemented a complaint originally filed in June 2018 highlighting numerous examples of inadequate medical care in the Denver Contract Detention Facility, an immigration detention center in Aurora, Colorado.

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  • Click to tweet: .@AILANational and @immcouncil call on the government to address the systemic failure to provide appropriate medical services in the #immigration detention center in Aurora, Colorado. Read their supplemental complaint. #HarmInDetention
  • Click to tweet: "I am a certified nurse and it's so hard to see my dad suffering so much. It's really hard to hear suicidal thoughts that he never had until he came here." Read @AILANational and @immcouncil's supplemental complaint on the #HarmInDetention.
  • Click to tweet: Immigrants are suffering needlessly behind bars due to inadequate medical and mental health care. The detention center in Aurora, Colorado is just one example. @AILANational and @immcouncil's supplemental complaint explains. #HarmInDetention

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