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USCIS Announces It Will Accept Refiling of Rejected Forms I-140 with E-Certification or Electronically Reproduced Signatures

5/19/20 AILA Doc. No. 20051930. Business Immigration, Labor Certification (Permanent)

After rejecting some Forms I-140 that included e-certified ETA-9089s or blue ETA-9089s with electronically reproduced signatures, USCIS announced that it will ask petitioners to resubmit their Form I-140 with the blue Form 9089s or e-certified ETA-9089s with either wet original signatures and/or scanned copies of signatures, and a copy of the rejection notice. In the event the petitioner’s inadvertently rejected ETA-9089 expired between March 20 and May 18, 2020, USCIS will accept the re-filed Form I-140 petition along with the inadvertently rejected, expired ETA-9089 during the national emergency.

AILA has received reports from members of some I-140 petitions that have been rejected by the Dallas Lockbox due to lack of a “valid Labor Certification” even though a valid labor certification was included with the petition. AILA had reached out to DOL, the Lockbox, and to USCIS regarding these reports.

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