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AILA and the American Immigration Council Welcome Angela Kelley as Chief Advisor – Policy and Partnerships

6/1/22 AILA Doc. No. 22060100.

WASHINGTON, DC – The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) and the American Immigration Council (Council) welcome Angela Kelley as Chief Advisor – Policy and Partnerships. In her role, Ms. Kelley will be a critical member of the executive management team of both organizations. For AILA, Ms. Kelley will provide leadership to the Government Relations and Communications departments and oversee public policy and advocacy, including mobilizing support for federal policy priorities, participating and leading national coalitions, and overseeing the advocacy strategies that incorporate policy development, communications plans, strategic partnerships, and power building. For the American Immigration Council, which has just completed a merger with New American Economy, Ms. Kelley will play a central role in charting the direction of the new organization, including leading key strategic growth initiatives and building new partnerships with advocacy organizations, funders, policymakers, and press.

AILA Executive Director Benjamin Johnson noted, “We are delighted to welcome Ms. Kelley to fill this vital role; she brings with her vast knowledge and expertise from within the advocacy community and from her time in government service, most recently serving as Senior Counselor to the Secretary of Homeland Security. Her understanding of the immigration law and policy landscape is unparalleled and will strengthen AILA’s efforts as we work to reform our immigration laws to meet our country’s needs. The addition of her talents to our outstanding staff will benefit our members, their clients, and the communities where they live and work, while remaining true to our nation’s fundamental commitment to due process and justice.”

Council Executive Director Jeremy Robbins stated, “We proudly welcome Ms. Kelley back to the American Immigration Council. She will be a tremendous addition to our team, working to strengthen and bring about a more fair and just immigration system, one that offers protection to those in need and brings the skills and energy of immigrants to bear to build our economy. Ms. Kelley’s proven track record in strategy, policy, and action-oriented partnerships emboldens our vision and our mission. Her expertise will allow us to better educate and advocate for the immigration laws and policies that our nation needs to succeed.”

For more information, contact:
George Tzamaras from AILA at, 202-507-7649 or Brianna Dimas at the American Immigration Council, at, 210-639-5587.

The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) is the national association of more than 16,000 attorneys, paralegals, law professors, and law students who practice and teach immigration law. AILA member attorneys represent U.S. families seeking permanent residence for close family members, U.S. businesses seeking talent from the global marketplace, as well as foreign students, entertainers, athletes, and asylum seekers. Founded in 1946, AILA is a nonpartisan, not-for-profit organization that provides continuing legal education, information, professional services, and expertise through its 39 chapters and over 50 national committees.

The American Immigration Council is a powerful voice in promoting laws, policies, and attitudes that honor America’s proud history as a nation of immigrants. Through research and policy analysis, litigation and international exchange, the Council seeks to shape a twenty-first century vision of the American immigrant experience. In January 2022, the Council and New American Economy merged to combine a broad suite of advocacy tools to better expand and protect the rights of immigrants, more fully ensure immigrants’ ability to succeed economically, and help make the communities they settle in more welcoming. Follow the latest Council news and information on and Twitter @immcouncil.